Evergreen Rabbitry

Evergreen Rabbitry: Pricing + FAQ 

In our Rabbitry, we are always striving to breed quality Rex Rabbits. The main focus is for them to be a meat source, but we want them to have good quality in every aspect so you can use them as a 4H project, garden friend and/or for pelts! Rex Rabbits are a great option for families living in small (or big) spaces. Especially for those who have kids that want to start a bit smaller in the pet world.

Below is our pricing (which will always be up to date) we have set in place for any litters/rabbits we won’t be keeping, to hopefully make it easier when your family is thinking of taking one of our Rabbits home to your own homestead!

When we first built our 2 hutches

Pricing: Updated September 2022

  • Pedigreed Rabbits: $60 
  • Non-Pedigreed Rabbits: $55
  • Proven Bucks and Does: prices may vary
  • We do also give a discount on prices when buying 3 or more Rabbits.


Deposits, Returns, and Pick Up Day:

  • Deposits: 

If you have chosen a specific Rabbit that you want placed on hold for a later pick up date, we can do that! But we ask a deposit be placed of 50%— half the total purchase price— to hold the Rabbit and secure your spot for it. The deposit is not needed for the wait list; only when you have chosen your Rabbit and need to have it put on hold until it is available for pick up.

Rabbits placed on hold have a 2wk hold period, aka “grace period” (details below) after they are 8wks old or older. We do not hold after those 2 weeks are up.

  • *Deposits are Refundable* We understand that buying an animal can be a big commitment. So, if something comes up and you can no longer take the one you have on hold, we can refund the deposit. However, once full payment has been made it is no longer refundable.
  • Online Deposit Transfer Options:

Venmo, and PayPal

Fail to Pick Up Rabbit, and Our Grace Period:

There is a 2 week grace period (or “hold period”) for any buyer who has not picked up their Rabbit, due to an emergency. After said grace period ends and you have not responded, or picked up your Rabbit during that time, your deposit will be automatically refunded and you will not receive the Rabbit. Rabbit will then be re-posted as available. Buyer must respond to reschedule a pick up day.

Any Rabbits placed on hold who are 8wks old or older fall under this grace period; we do not hold past the 2 weeks.

We Can Refuse Any Sales:

We do obtain the right to refuse any sale before or during the sale process; before the full payment has been completed.

Rabbit Pick Up Day:

  • Pick ups will be done at local public location only for the safety of our home, family, and animals.
  • Location and scheduling can be discussed with me via private messages through our Facebook Rabbitry page, email, blog contact page, etc!
  • What you will need and what the Rabbit comes with: Each Rabbit always comes with a small bag of transition feed (pellets) to help them adapt a little easier to their new diet. The one thing we do ask of you, is that you bring a carrier (box, cage, kennel, etc) to hold the Rabbit. Please make sure if you get more than one, to have a carrier for each of them if they are opposite sexes.


We do not accept returns. We make sure that we are selling the healthiest, best looking Rabbits from our litters. Once it is out of our care, it is your families responsibility.

Which is why we encourage you to research before you buy! Rabbits can take time to get settled in; new place, new food, new friends maybe, new water even! Rabbits can be sensitive to environment changes, so we encourage you to give them time and make it as less stressful as possible if it seems the Rabbit is not yet settled in. If you have any questions after bringing your Rabbit home, we are always here to offer our help and any informative resources we know of!

Cottontail (when younger)

When it comes to the care of our Rabbits and selling; We will only (to the best of our knowledge) provide healthy, well taken care of Rabbits, as this is how we treat all of our animals. We will never sell a hurt, unhealthy, or even aggressive/unsocialized Rabbit to you. We strive to keep our communication clear, honest, and straightforward– especially when it comes to getting one of our animals a new home. We unfortunately know what its like to be on the buying end of that stick (no honest communication), and it’s not fun for anyone! We keep all our animals as healthy, and safe from predators as much as we can. However, we also understand that even though it’s a rare occurrence with well taken care of animals, sometimes things happen and animals can get taken by a predator, or even develop a health issue regardless. 


  • Pedigreed Rabbits come tattooed with their pedigree ear number (on left ear) that is listed on the pedigree paper. Please note* they come with a paper copy, but I can also email a copy of their pedigree as well.
  • If the pedigree is ever lost, contact me with your name, and the Rabbit’s ear number and I should be able to get you a copy no problem.
  • Once a sale has gone through on any non-pedigreed Rabbits, we cannot pedigree them. So, please make sure that you are set to move forward, before the purchase is final.

Most importantly,

A Rabbit’s pedigree paperwork information and their physical tattoo, cannot be changed or altered after leaving our care.


Updates on litters and what Rabbits are available, will be posted to our Facebook Rabbitry page: Linked here!

Any further questions on buying a Rabbit from our Rabbitry, please contact me through our Facebook Rabbitry page!

Thank you!

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