Hello, I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Jo Breckinridge, and I created this blog because I love to write and wanted to share my family’s progress, experience, and growth to relate and connect with others. You will find we talk about these four main subjects; Farming, gardening, rabbitry, and family! Some fun facts are, I’m a 20 year old stay-at-home momma, and wife. My husband and I met each other and got married 5 months later! We are a small (but growing) christian family of three, who is just starting out their farm life. We are located in the Pacific Northwest, the Evergreen state of Washington. We love having our home here! We are coming up on our two year wedding anniversary, and our baby will be one this fall. Starting a blog has been on the to-do list for a while now but since we’re getting into the full swing of things, our little one is getting bigger and can learn and do more, I needed to just go for it! I’m most excited to just look back in a couple years from now at all the memories and progress, through this. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Wedding photo for about page
from our wedding.
Garden Rose.
Bumblebee enjoying a butterfly bush’s bloom.