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Garden Right Out Of The Back Door

Let's talk gardens! I finally have a garden plan down, because we had some time this week to plan out our garden area, and collect materials to get it all set up. This time around I chose to do a Hugelkultur style garden, but there is so many different ways to do it! This will… Continue reading Garden Right Out Of The Back Door


Our Home in the Making

We've completed garbage clean up, clearing, driveway prep, meter prep, and cottage demo on our property! A lot of fixer upper things have been done, so here is what's new! First, the Garbage Our 2.50 acre property was riddled with garbage everywhere, when we first bought it. So far, we have hauled away exactly, 2… Continue reading Our Home in the Making

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Embracing Tiny Living

For the last 4 years, we’ve lived in a 1 bedroom, 500 sqft home. We’ve had 2 children, and now another on the way! In a just few months, we will hopefully be moving into a trailer (once we complete a little TLC on it) that's around 250 sqft, with all of our littles. While… Continue reading Embracing Tiny Living