Our Home in The Making: We Made it Home

Friends, I am so over joyed to announce we have made it home! Let me update you on the moving process, the trailer, the cottage, and so much more! This is not the end of our property makeover series. It’s amazing to finally be here, but we are no where near finished with our property.

Before we start, as always here is part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, and part six of our series! Catch up on past updates, or refresh your memory and compare progress pictures. Let’s jump in friends!

Moving Day

Moving day, was busy. Really no other way to describe it! Before we could get here, my brother, thankfully was able to come move our trailer over for us. The first phase, was moving it here so we could get it prepped with cleaning and repairs. The second, was moving it to the permanent position by the cottage.

Cleaning made the trailer look brought back to life, for certain. After that, my husband worked on our kitchen cabinets, flooring, and any other minor repairs.

My other, younger brother helped us with so many things! He and my husband replaced the flooring on our bump out, and in our main bedroom. For now, the kitchen floor will have to stay as it is, but thankfully it does its job just fine.

The counter tops look so great! My husband has been working some very late nights to finish up a working kitchen for me. After only being here for barely a week, I’m glad we’ve gotten so much done! We are settling in bit by bit every day.

In the Cottage

Inside the cottage, we thankfully have a working laundry system, dishwasher, and soon a working stove will be added to that list. We’ve been making do without our stove hooked up, and so we’re all very excited for when we get that going again.

We’ve definitely been using both this trailer and the cottage for our daily living, though neither are quite finished yet. This routine, I am certain, will smooth out nicely once our organizing has been completed and both homes are eventually finished. Having two homes as one is working out well for us so far though, and I’m so thankful for it.

There has been restless nights, moving chaos, unexpected small repairs, and we have all been adjusting to a new routine in a new environment with a cold going through our family! But the Lord has blessed us so greatly. Every time we head home from errands, my girls shout with joy “we’re going to our new home!”

Special Memories

I couldn’t do the blog without putting up this picture! When we were moving our trailer over to the property we saw not 1, but 3 bright, rainbows. It was a good rainy day, and it was so sweet for our little girls (who hadn’t seen a rainbow so clearly like that before), to see the reality of what we read in scripture! They knew immediately what it was for. It just added even more to the already exciting, and special day!

Every morning we go out and tend to our rabbits the sun shines in the trees, and both my girls and I enjoy it so much. I am loving having our rabbits, and eventually our small garden right in this area so we can always enjoy this sunshine poking through.

Lastly, we brought our pumpkins home, and they sit decorated with scavenged items found around the property. It was a blast for my girls and it spruced it up a bit too.

More photos to come on my instagram of our trailer living as we slowly tidy up and settle in a bit more. Friends, as I mentioned in my last update, I am finally writing to you from our own little piece of the PNW! Please do enjoy these pictures we’ve taken this past week and enjoy the Fall season. I’ll be back later, with some more updates for you all.

The heavens declare the glory of God,
    and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

Psalm 19:1 ESV

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