Our Home in The Making: A Cottage Sweet Home

So, I am back with an update on our 2.50 acre property! This is part 3, of our property makeover series that I’ve started. I will link part 1, and part 2 here, if you need to catch up before reading further. The cottage has been the main focus of our work as it has to be at a certain point before we move in. Here’s what we’ve done with it so far.

Cottage Design Re-Sketch

We slightly redesigned the cottage plans. It’s mostly the same, but now the one side that will have storage will also have the option to be a complete bedroom later on, if we wanted to use it as such. We thankfully were able to get all the windows, and doors we needed from a good friend of ours too, which was a huge money saver. Now that we have those, we can further cement our design plans and get things moving.

My husband and our brothers have started a lot of work on the cottage porch, roof, and flooring. There was some rot and termite issues that needed tending too, but they have since patched most of it all up and taken care of the termite issue. Fun, gross, and not surprisingly, underneath the cottage in the debris and plastic my husband heard mice! It’s fun for the girls and I, because we have even more confirmation that getting a cat or 2 for mouse hunting is 100% happening. An orange cat specifically, per request of my oldest daughter of course.

Outside the Cottage

The power meter also passed inspection, and we now have power on our land! This is a big step in the right direction as now some bigger projects can be started with a bit more ease. We plan to get all the trenches for power, water, plumbing and such filled in as soon as we can. Today though specifically, my husband and a brother or two started on the interior floor, and this week they will begin interior walls.

The cottage will not be completely finished by September, when we move. We are trying to get it as far as we can, but our trailer is still going to be our main living space even with the new cottage design. Once the cottage is done we will be using the two spaces, as if it were one big space.

The very beginnings of painting has started on fascia boards. So far, we have committed to this nice, blue color for the trim pieces. We are still working on a main color for the cottage. I had picked a green, but if you know the PNW you know blue, green, and grey is Seahawk colors. I don’t hate football friends, but I don’t love it enough to paint my house to look like such. Going to get a new sample paint soon to test.

Behr: English Channel

Interior Work Begins

The interior floors are starting to form, and I cannot wait to see how it turns out! My husband is planning to get my extra kitchen space useable, by Christmas! Along with the storage space, we may make that extra room a homeschooling/craft room as well. Once the walls are up, I will take you all on a virtual tour of this little cottage. With that, I’m sure our plans will be much easier to imagine.

Trailer TLC

The next couple weeks, I will be cleaning up our RV trailer. Super excited to be taking this project on, as I have a lot of plans to revamp it, thanks to good ol’ Pinterest. If you want a ton of behind the scenes from that upcoming project, definitely head over to my instagram!

Other things that will be happening, is just basic clean up. Job sites can get so messy! I feel like we are always cleaning up some garbage at this place, but at least it’s always looking better. Another update to come this week, or next, on both the property and the trailer! We are doing the best we can with the time and money that we have, and this place is slowly coming together. Move in day will be a complete blast, but remember, it won’t be the last update in the slightest. Many things will still need finishing, but at least we will be home.

Psalm 23:1-3The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

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