On-A-Budget Temporary Fencing

We needed fencing, and quickly. The big reason for this is because of extra safety. However, this fencing is not permanent fencing. We plan to remove it later on, to get our permanent fencing put in, but for now this will work well for us! Here is what, and how we did it, as well as a little update on how things are going!

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Cattle panels (16ft x 50in)
  2. T-Posts (7ft)
  3. Barbed wire (4-point)
  4. Zip ties (standard, or heavy duty)

With the help of our many brothers, my husband cleared spots for the t-posts, put t-posts in, and attached the cattle panels to them.

Next, with the gap on top, between the top of t-posts and top of cattle panel, they attached 2 lines of barbed wire (for extra safety). They also overlapped the cattle panels a bit, for extra strength!

It’s efficient and stable enough for what we need, until the permanent fence goes in, and that’s all we needed!

We quickly did the sides of the property that took first priority, but plan to fence the entire 2.5 acres. We will finish working on the rest at a slower pace, though. My husband says this week will be a big week, as far as getting things done. The presumed well we found, will be getting pumped, driveway clearing process will commence, and roof demo has already begun on the cottage! This is a quick update, but things keep moving along, friends! Follow along on my instagram page here, if you’d like to see more of the behind the scenes, too! I’ll be sharing some of the plants I’ve found on our property so far!

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