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“Our Little Girl, and Why There Are No Portraits.”

First beach trip. A success! (this live sand dollar was put back)

The Reasoning:

My Husband and I have always been fairly private people, only telling close friends and family the details of our life. With starting a blog that is about our life, I knew we would be sharing much more than we’re used to. While public/social platforms can bring encouragement, inspiration, and help connect people. It can also bring unwanted attraction, and it has people on it who will, and do violate other’s privacy. While there is a lot of good people, there unfortunately will always be bad people too.

Our child is still pretty young, barely a year old! My husband and I have made the decision to keep her and future kid’s faces, off the blog and off social platforms. The wide web does have its perks, but because of the dangers that it holds and how easy it can be to find things and people by using it, we are just trying to be cautionary to keep our sweet, little ones safe. We will try to keep their faces off the internet’s feed, for as long as we can. Social media, does collect our personal information and that’s not something we feel too comfortable with, especially when it comes to our children. 

We know that there is already information and photos about our life on these platforms and such, but because our child hasn’t really been on there yet, we want to give her a fresh start away from social platforms. We also don’t want to continue to feed those collections with our personal photos, and information. Unfortunately, it is dangerously easy to find out anything about whoever you want, through public records and social media. All you really need is some free time, and patience to dig into the past.

Nature walks, with her Daddy. Who obviously, is in deep thought.

As For Us:

We’ve both had social media accounts and have had our pictures everywhere so we are much more loose with our own photos, just because they are already on everything anyways. We will most definitely still talk about how we raise our kids, and kid-related things on this blog and social platforms. They will also be known on our Rabbitry page too! The only difference is, you won’t see portraits of them or know too much personal details about them. I understand the mystery of that! but we like it better this way, at least for now. 


If you are one of the many parents out there that does it differently, we are not trying to attack you at all! Like I said before, social platforms can be a great way to connect, especially if you have relatives or close friends that you don’t get to see often! We are just sharing our personal reasons, so that it doesn’t seem too weird that we say we have a child, but then her cute little face, is never shown.

Our future:

Right now, we are trying to find a balance between blogging about our life, and not sharing too much at the same time! As our child gets older, and we have more kids, we might reconsider putting up all their photos, but it will be a while. So I hope you still enjoy these other photos that I try to add! Our little one is still a very big part of our life, obviously, so I can’t leave her out of the blog, too much.

We can’t wait to have more little ones, and fill our house with more little smiling faces! So again, everyone does it differently, and I hope you enjoy the pictures I will add in replacement to all the, more personal portraits.

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