Welcome! You’ve found my blog, “Among the Evergreens.” My name is Jo, and I wanted to introduce myself a little bit. I’m from the Pacific Northwest, born and raised, and still loving the PNW. I’m a stay-at-home mom, and actually the first fun fact about me is that I got married and started my family young! I met my husband in May 2019, got married in September 2019, and had our sweet baby November 2020. We are just in our early 20s, and we love our life so far! We are a small (but growing) christian family who loves the Lord Jesus, and are blessed to be able to live our lives for Him. I’ve started this blog to share about farming and family— to share our progress, growth, experience, and to encourage others who may be starting out as a young family, trying to become self-sustainable off their land, and guiding children along the way! I know how difficult is to find people to connect with sometimes, so if you are one of the few who is starting a family young, then I’m here to say that’s us too, and we can relate! However, regardless of what season of life you are in— same or not, I’m just glad you are here to read my writing! So with that being said, I will get on with it.

My husband, Bergen and I.

I’ve always liked farm and garden anything, but honestly only since getting married I have found myself truly embracing it. Both of our families have done homesteading in one way or another all throughout our childhood, so we are familiar with it and happy to dive into it ourselves! I love being a wife, a mom, a gardener/farmer, and I do love to write, so here I am! My husband and I both love writing ironically, but have always put off starting our own blogs. However, we both took the leap, I just have finished my site first. His is still in the making, but coming soon!  

Currently, we have a small backyard garden/farm, if you will. In our, about a 1,000 sqft yard, we have our rabbits, and the lovely garden! Although, coming soon is six chickens and another buck (boy rabbit). We also have two cats, Forest and Cricket. Forest (boy) catches the rodents, Cricket (girl) catches the food droppings in the kitchen, when she can. Rabbits will be the meat source, chickens will be the egg source, and the garden is, well, for veggies. Anything is possible, even in small spaces! Gardens and chickens aren’t new to us, but rabbits are! We’ve both never had rabbits and are so excited about this adventure.

our cats
Forest (Gump) and Cricket.

Presently, we have three rabbits (four if you count the one coming in a few weeks), two does and one buck, but all four will be the breeding rabbits for our Rabbitry. The plan is to eventually have their offspring become a future meat source, but majority of the time we will just be using them for the Rabbitry and sending the rabbits to people who either want a 4-H friend,  to use for meat source, or even just to have as a pet who will help fertilize their gardens. Our “Evergreen Rabbitry” will hopefully have a yard full of healthy, cute baby rabbits come this next spring!

Blackie, Mopsy and Cottontail

This is our first year of a full garden and all, so we are very “new” at this— if I was going to start a blog I figured now would be the best time to do so! It will be so wonderful to look back in a few years at our beginning and see the progress we make and to remind us of where we were! or even just to have notes on what to do better next time with farming, and with life. Blog or not, I’m a fan of having a way to look back for learning, and reminiscing. Pictures are another thing I love to have— I’m no photographer at all, but as long as its not blurry or anything, I’m pretty happy!

A Glimpse into our Garden

Eventually, we will have more kids and more animals. A once little farm, will one day be big. The list of animals to get is, some pigs, ducks, more chickens, some cows, a dog or two, and a couple goats as well. We’ve both grown up around all of these, besides cows, and thats what I’m most excited to get— I really love cows. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find more animals to add to that list, but for now this is where we are with that. I can’t wait to share about our experiences, and the growth of our little family’s farm. 

Thank you for reading so far, and I hope you stick around for the many adventures to come!

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